Ali Sohrab

Ali Sohrab, a luminary in fitness photography and storytelling, seamlessly blends artistry with technical finesse. With a background in French Literature and Stage/Lighting Design, his academic journey paved the way for a multifaceted creative vision. Ali, known for his innovative spirit, has spearheaded impactful ventures like "I Am Alfa," FitDolls, Fitomax, and more, each a testament to his visionary prowess in empowering narratives. These platforms serve as dynamic spaces amplifying transformative stories. Beyond photography, Ali excels in dynamic video production, crafting impactful shorts and Commercial clips. His roles as Creative Director, Lighting Designer, and Marketer coalesce in creating immersive experiences, transforming clients into stars through his magnetic presence and genuine passion. Renowned for his innovation, Ali has collaborated extensively with professional and amateur athletes worldwide, solidifying his status as not just a photographer but a visionary storyteller. His work transcends boundaries, crafting enduring legacies that captivate and inspire audiences globally.

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