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Vancity Showdown - OPEN

$160.00 CAD

Here are some reasons why having stage photos is a must:

·  Affordable Packages: Stage photo packages are affordable, making them a great investment to capture your hard work and dedication.

·  Memories Preserved: These photos capture the memories of the hard work you have put towards accomplishing your goal, serving as a tangible reminder of your journey.

·  Performance Assessment: Stage photos are an invaluable tool for you and your coach to assess your performance and overall package. This helps you remember your journey and identify areas for improvement.

·  Marketing Tool: Stage photos are an amazing marketing tool for health and fitness professionals, showcasing your physique and dedication to potential clients.

Your professional stage photo package includes both individual and comparison shots with fellow competitors during pre-judging and finals. All your stage shots will be delivered to you via a Dropbox link within 14 days from the show..

Please note that the number of individual images you receive will depend on the amount of time you spent on stage. Comparison photos can also help judges provide you with more accurate feedback.

PRICE: $145 + 7.25 (Tax) + $7.75 (service fee) = 160

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