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Vancouver PRO QUALIFIER - Backstage Photos

$160.00 CAD

Please ensure you read all the details before making a purchase.

Backstage Photography is an enjoyable way to capture your hard-earned memories and relive your time in front of the camera during the show. You have the freedom to pose as you wish or seek professional guidance from internationally published photographer, Ali Sohrab, who is a true master of his craft. He will make you feel comfortable and energized, and provide you with images that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Here are a few reasons why Backstage Photo is a must-have:

  • It is an affordable way to ensure that you receive professional studio images during the show.
  • You have the opportunity to get photos in your competition suit, with your trophy, with your competitor friends, and more.
  • Backstage photos can also be used for marketing ads and posters for the CPA shows.
  • You will gain invaluable tips and experience on your fitness modelling, as Ali has extensive experience working with fitness competitors of all levels, including both professionals and amateurs.

All registered competitors will receive the TOP 5 high-resolution images selected by the photographer, with the option to purchase the full set via an email link within a maximum of ten days from the show.

The show price is $145 + $7.25 (tax) + $7.75 (service fee) = $160.00.

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